In October of 2018, a group of Vistage Chairs independently put together a ChairVoice Survey to get input from the Chairs on a number of Vistage related topics.  115 Chairs responded, with respective tenures as follows:

  • 50% had been with Vistage for at least 15 years.
  • 71% had been with Vistage for at least 11 years.
  • 90% had been with Vistage for at least 6 years.

A number of topics were covered, including whether Chairs believe Vistage Members value what Vistage Corporate brings to them.  See the details below:


Q:  Do your members value what Vistage corporate brings to them?

A:  Results are as follows:

  • Yes…….19.3%
  • No……..67.0%
  • Other..13.7%


Here are Some of the More Interesting Comments:

  • Vistage corporate is nothing but a negative. The real value to members if the chair, speakers and other members
  • Most frequent comment “What is this shit (crap/nonsense/stuff) I keep getting from Vistage?”
  • Vistage lives and breathes at the group level.Most elements outside of the group experience are non-value added and totally ignored by my members. That includes the website, WSJ surveys, confidence index, newsletters, online gatherings, knowledge base.
  • I’m not sure that they see Vistage Corporate the same way Vistage Corporate sees itself and they don’t want or use all that Corporate “brings” to them.
  • For the past 20 years my members never connected to the home office. Their only connection was to the group and the Chair.
  • My members are not sure what value Vistage brings.
  • Not clear what Vistage Corporate brings to member value
  • They see declining value from Vistage corporate and constant, annoying price increases.
  • Vistage is the Chair, not S.D.
  • They consistently articulate that their Chair and fellow members are “ Vistage” for them.
  • they have blocked emails from corporate
  • Perceived as too Sales oriented…trying to find additional ways to get a bigger share of wallet… recent years increased resentment of annual dues increases
  • Not sure they even pay attention to corporate,except for information I give them.
  • All they see is the annual increase.
  • Most are too busy to read the”Research” materials or it is too theoretical and not practical fort heir day to day operations. The members value their group, issue processing and the 1-2-1 time with their chair.
  • Corp pretty invisible…..key value from Chair,Group
  • In my groups the emphasis was always the group and the chair
  • It is the group and the Chair. Vistage = monthly bill and annual fee increase, plus VES which a minority value
  • My members feel that in the main its ‘me’ that is vistage
  • They are hardly aware of this
  • Largely irrelevant
  • Corporate is only interested in numbers and not member success
  • High performing groups value the member of their group first and foremost, their chair and then the speakers. They understand that the organization makes it all possible but they do not have a relationship with San Diego or see additional value from them.
  • The website is clunky and several generations out of step with others – not a Vistage competitive advantage
  • The network concept was good but it’s become a place where folks are getting pitched so there are complaints
  • Most often dealing with billing problems
  • Web site is a poor representation of current technology, search engine is borderline useless and best practice articles have not been kept current.
  • Most view them as bureaucrats. The brand is the resultant accumulation of the chairs and their work.
  • Only in terms of the speakers.
  • not much – maybe the content on the website?
  • the exception would be the speakers
  • It depends. Some of my members belong to a network and get value. Others don’t see value there.