In October of 2018, a group of Vistage Chairs independently put together a ChairVoice Survey to get input from the Chairs on a number of Vistage related topics.  115 Chairs responded, with respective tenures as follows:

  • 50% had been with Vistage for at least 15 years.
  • 71% had been with Vistage for at least 11 years.
  • 90% had been with Vistage for at least 6 years.

A number of topics were covered, including whether Chairs believe their Chair Practice will be Larger and Healthier three years from now.


Q:  Will your chair practice by larger and healthier three years from now?

A:  Results are as follows:

  • Yes…….25.9%
  • No……..51.9%
  • Other….22.2%


Here are Some of the More Interesting Comments:

  • This new ownership will drive me out.
  • Not sure; I am feeling increasingly remote from Vistage.
  • All of my efforts are to expand my private practice – non-Vistage business. I debate daily leaving Vistage and starting my groups independently for reasons stated.
  • My practice is already in decline due to more chairs burning through prospects and damaging our brand. First time I have struggled to recruit new members.
  • I have begun to look for ways to diversify my coaching/mentoring work. Right now 90% of my income comes from Vistage, given the direction and trends it feels imprudent to not seek a more balanced portfolio.
  • If I felt that Vistage would contribute to the growth of my groups by giving me strong candidates, the answer would be different.
  • My Chair practice has been stable for more than 20 years. It will be the same in another three years, unless Providence makes a bone-headed move that rapidly destroys the value proposition for my members.
  • I’m just turned 59 and scaled back from 3 CEO groups and 2 Key groups to ONE Key Group over the last three years in favor of a very robust and exciting CEO/Executive Team/Private Board consulting practice. As a 27-year Vistage member (14 year Vistage CEO member and then a 13 year chair), I’ve been through the five stages of grief over what Vistage has become. I am now at Acceptance. Thus the change in my business plan.
  • I am more likely to no longer be a Chair
  • Not sure if i will be a chair in 3 years.
  • I’m planning to retire.
  • I am retiring 12/31/18
  • No intention to start any more groups, may even transition my Key group.
  • Not confident that it will be
  • I will likely be retired from Chairing by then.