In October of 2018, a group of Vistage Chairs independently put together a ChairVoice Survey to get input from the Chairs on a number of Vistage related topics.  115 Chairs responded, with respective tenures as follows:

  • 50% had been with Vistage for at least 15 years.
  • 71% had been with Vistage for at least 11 years.
  • 90% had been with Vistage for at least 6 years.

A number of topics were covered, including whether Chairs would entertain an offer to buy out their Vistage Group and leave Vistage.  See the details below:


Q:  Would you entertain an offer to buy your group and leave Vistage with it?

A:  Results are as follows:

  • Yes…….42.1%
  • No……..46.7%
  • Other…11.2%


Here are Some of the More Interesting Comments:

  • Although they won’t have any groups if I leave,I would make a reasonable deal to purchase my groups. Members have already told me so, unsolicited, they wouldn’t stay if I’m not the chair. History shows there is always attrition if a chair transitions a group. {Particularly if the transition is messy). I continue to remain professional and dismiss these thoughts when members say them. Members do not know I am strongly considering leaving. I think at some point the chairs should form another company. The Vistage path will collapse in time on the weight of the PE demands
  • If I left, my groups would leave and follow me.  There would be no reason for me to buy it.
  • I would simply reform a group with these members who I have strong relationships with. I would not pay Vistage anything for that.
  • Why would I buy the groups that members and I founded, started and continue to build and grow? When Vistage actively builds and grows a group- then they might have something I might be interested and willing to buy.
  • If the price was right with indemnification, yes, absolutely.
  • Maybe, but I would be concerned about Vistage bringing a lawsuit against me.
  • This question is unrealistic. Vistage would never entertain an offer for me to buy my group. And my values and integritywould not allow me to have my group leave and follow me.  
  • When the time is right, I would.
  • I have a contractual prohibition to doing that.
  • Wouldn’t this be a breach of my Chair agreement?
  • Depends on the price. Probably not