In October of 2018, a group of Vistage Chairs independently put together a ChairVoice Survey to get input from the Chairs on a number of Vistage related topics.  115 Chairs responded, with respective tenures as follows:

  • 50% had been with Vistage for at least 15 years.
  • 71% had been with Vistage for at least 11 years.
  • 90% had been with Vistage for at least 6 years.

A number of topics were covered, including whether Chairs have serious thoughts about leaving Vistage.  See the details below:


Q:  Do you have serious thoughts about leaving Vistage?

A:  Results are as follows:

  • Yes…….49.6%
  • No……..39.8%
  • Other….10.6%


Here are Some of the More Interesting Comments:

  • Don’t know how much longer I’m willing to be complicit as they dismantle what was once a very proud company
  • Think about it daily
  • The current product offerings are not adapting to the market needs
  • Adding new members has become an increasing problem.
  • Every paycheck reminds me to consider the options.
  • Am still thinking about leaving Vistage just as a matter of pride.
  • I fear for the business model of Vistage. I see a perfect storm brewing that may cause Providence to default on the debt. Their strategy of increasing membership and raising dues may not materialize. Well, the raising dues part has a chance, but I am tentative on the assurance of an increase in membership.
  • Yes I do. At present it is working well for me and for my members. My focus is on assisting them to get the most out of their Vistage experience. So much of it is around how they as members are truly caring about their organizations and especially the people making and creating competent people personally and professionally.
  • As an independent contract and in the role of coaching and leading groups- I question whether the Vistage Business Model and impact on members- groups fits and aligns with members and current/near future times, expectation and commitment
  • Every time an unthought-out decision is made from corporate.
  • At some level, I do because on good days the work can be very rewarding
  • if it weren’t for my groups members
  • If were 20 years younger- I would be gone.
  • I think about it but not to the point of leaving yet