As of 10/11/18, Vistage has a 3.3 rating on a scale of 5 according to employer ratings site Glassdoor (which has received over 35 million employer reviews over its history).  Vistage’s CEO, Sam Reese has as CEO Approval Rating of 48% (vs. Glassdoor Average CEO Approval of 66%).  Only 45% of Vistage Employees would recommend Vistage to a Friend.

***Keep in Mind that Vistage is in the Business of COACHING CEOs!!!***


105 Vistage Employees have submitted reviews.  Here are some of the Highlights from the 2018 reviews:

  • Like watching a train wreck in slow motion”
  • Leadership turnover, top level HR doesn’t file employee complaints or discipline offending employees.
  • Constant churn – lots of turnover
  • The HQ is often in chaos. Four owners over the years I’ve been here, and it looks like we’re being bought by another Private Equity company. Pressure to grow, add services, and meet staggering debt feel difficult. Trust is very low, based on surveys.
  • Lots of leadership and direction changes in a short period of time.Focus is all about the numbers/costs. Time spent tracking could be sent doing important work that leads to additional member/Chairs/revenue.
  • Less respect for the input of experienced staff. New leaders think their ideas are best and implement them without regard to implications.
  • Bonus plans are changed mid year.  Compensation has gone down significantly the past 2 years.  Lots of people are hired while our goals go up.
  • Fewer leads available to work with. 
  • Corporate pushes to have 16 member groups that’s too big.Corporate doesn’t offer much help to build a second or third group which you need 3 groups to earn a living.
  • Do not trust the chairs you work with, they will steal your members or potential members while pretending to be brothers… cut throat.
  • Good Old Boys club. Fraught with sexism – women, be prepared to be interrupted constantly by male coworkers, paid 20-30% less than your male coworkers, and have your maternity leave benefits nickeled and dimed.
  • CEO regularly hides behind cubicles to eavesdrop on employees and laughs if you catch him.
  • Managers regularly throw employees under the bus at the slightest provocation. Absolutely no accountability, no transparency, no respect for employees, no merit pay raises, no promotions (unless you’re a Mean Girls-style “favorite”).
  • If you take a job here, don’t assume you’re safe just because you have a good manager, because your good manager is probably about to be fired.
  • Set goals and give us time to meet them without changing the things that impact our success. Retain our leaders. Key leaders in L&D, Recruiting, HR and new group development are gone along with all their knowledge, guidance and support.
  • Be aware it is a very strong job market. Cutting pay, having new employees doing our performance reviews and then capping pay increases at 3% is not a way to retain your superstars.
  • They do not promote from within/rarely do. One of our managers openly said that in a meeting at one point.
  • This place is great at hiring top talent, but they’re just as good at losing top talent as well. I’ve never seen a company rotate CEOs, CMOs, COOs, SVPs, Sales Managers like this place did. It was unreal and unsettling.
  • Management never really was looking out for their employees, they were just looking out for themselves and their numbers.
  • Because they never promoted from withing or utilized anyone to their full potential, Some of the best and brightest and most respected people left.
  • I’ve never seen so many talented people leave a company on such a regular bases.  A mass exodus is a very good word for it.  No one was getting fired, everyone was just fed up with the fact they knew they could be doing so much more, but Vistage never wanted to give anyone a chance.
  • Vistage is a steady, profitable ship that is set in its way and will not go off course.  They recently cut commissions in multiple departments.  In one dept. they said they would actually raise the commissions and instead they actually lowered them.
  • It’s very sad to see so many great people work so hard for a company that doesn’t care about them, but they try and make it seem like they do.
  • There are more Pros than Cons regarding Vistage, but they are not forward thinking, they have hit a ceiling with their production and they will not be making any sort of impact in the business world in the future.
  • Everything about this company is old school…the Chairs, the Members, the business model itself. Until they drastically change something their level of growth will be very, very small.
  • This company has the nerve to have “trust” and “caring” painted on their walls. It couldn’t be further from the truth. A few years ago, maybe. But not anymore.
  • Morale is low, yet people are told to pretend it isn’t. Put on a happy face, don’t complain. Mixed messages. People being placed in management roles who have no business in them. Sarcasm and disrespect in monthly meetings.
  • When you hit your goals, you’re told “they must not have been high enough” or get accused of fudging numbers.
  • No one has your back when members or chairs are abusive or out of line.
  • The message of “Winning” is empty and has seen better days.  HR is powerless, as upper management has no interest in hearing with the employees have to say.
  • Compensation continues to be cut every year, making it hardly worth it to put up with the day to day.
  • Take your own advice. You preach accountability, and then turn right around and do the opposite.
  • Listen to people. They’re unhappy and it’s obvious. Take a long hard look at the number of people resigning. Good people who could have continued to do good things for your company.
  • A new fancy office will not fix what is broken.

A Full List of Vistage’s Glassdoor reviews can be found HERE.