In 2014, Vistage was sued by its President and COO, Ruby Randall (who ironically was the signatory on Kessler’s Vistage Chair Contract). The allegations in the Complaint are really ugly and the case was ultimately settled in 2016.

Randall Alleged the Following:

1. Wrongful Termination of employment in violation of Public Policy
2. Failure to prevent Harassment and Discrimination in violation of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.
3. Retaliation in violation of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.
4. Retaliation in Violation of the California Whistle Blower Statute
5. Breach of Implied Covenant
6. Breach of Contract
7. Failure to Pay Wages in Violation of the California Labor Code


A copy of the Complaint is HERE.  It’s really ugly!!!

A copy of the the Case Log is HERE.  It’s really long!!!


Here are some of the highlights from the Complaint:

“Leon Shapiro was installed as the new CEO of Vistage after the sale of the business in
2012. He then acted in a manner that caused employees to complain to Plaintiff, specifically that he engaged in sexual discrimination and favoritism toward female friends he hired and with whom he had very close personal relationships (e.g., sleep overs at his residence, public displays of affection, allowing their non-performance while stating that employees with the company for more than a year were “spoiled goods” and mental baggage he publicly referred to as “big rocks,” etc.). Mr. Shapiro also made inappropriate sexually suggestive comments and advances toward Plaintiff herself (e.g., slowly rubbing his bald scalp while stating “there is nothing like having a woman rub lotion on your head,” giving Plaintiff a handwritten note on his personalized stationary with the four digit security code to his residence and stating she should stop by and then repeating this on numerous occasions while also saying he was “angry” she had not accepted his invitation to come visit alone, insisting on regular evening dinners alone with him and referring to one restaurant as their “private place” to meet, stating his wife was just his “green card” for admission to the United States from South Africa and that his marriage was better than ever because his wife lived on the east coast and left him alone on the west coast). As recently as March 4, 2014, while at an evening dinner, Mr. Shapiro told Plaintiff she “should have no doubts” that she had a place on his team “going forward” and was a valuable business partner, and he praised her leadership and extraordinary year of results, but he further stated he wanted Plaintiff to be “so in sync” with him that she could finish his sentences and read his thoughts.”