Despite a $2mm Judgment against Vistage Chair Phil Kessler, we have never seen a dime from Vistage (owned by Providence Equity).  Well this changed on 10/19/18 as we won an Anti-SLAPP Motion against Vistage Worldwide and VISTAGE WILL HAVE TO PAY OUR LEGAL FEES!!!!


About Anti-SLAPP

Passed into law in 1992, California’s anti-SLAPP statute (prohibiting strategic lawsuits against public participation, or SLAPPs) has evolved into a nuanced but powerful procedural device for litigants facing lawsuits arising from protected petitioning or speech activity. Found at Code of Civil Procedure sections 425.16 through 425.18, it presents a mechanism to defendants to strike potentially meritless causes of action early in litigation while obtaining a mandatory fee award. If used effectively, it can quickly transform the landscape of litigation.  To read the full Bar article on this, click HERE.