Wow, first I have my business stolen by my Vistage Chair and now Vistage has informed us that they purchased the domains and  I can only guess what they are planning :-).

Vistage, here is what is relevant about Eran Salu:

  • Vistage Member from 1/2007 to 5/2015
  • Paid close to $100k in Vistage Dues
  • Lead Generation Vendor to 250+ Vistage Chairs
  • Generated over 11,000 Member Candidate Leads for Vistage
  • Shared Confidential Information with his Vistage Chair
  • Vistage Chair took that Information and Stole his Business
  • Reported this Incident to Vistage in June of 2015.
  • Vistage did not fire Chair until 4 months later when group had basically disbanded
  • Won a $2mm Federal Court Jury Verdict against my Chair


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