I just received an email from a Vistage Master Chair with information that Vistage has sent Chairs to share when Members and Prospects ask about the Multi-Million Dollar Verdict My Company Won Against my former Vistage Chair for using Confidential Information I shared in Vistage to Steal my Business, Direct LLC.

Here is what the Chair shared with me came in a letter from Vistage:


“The recent lawsuit verdict against a former Chair who left Vistage in 2015 shows the challenge that individual actions pose to our brand and reputation.

For those not familiar with this case, allegations of improper conduct were brought to Vistage’s attention by a former member. Vistage investigated these allegations and determined that the claimed improprieties arose out of a consulting relationship and other business transactions unrelated to Vistage. Vistage had no knowledge of the outside consulting relationship or of the other actions which are alleged to have occurred. Despite these facts, Vistage was named as a defendant in a federal court lawsuit. Our legal team was successful in getting Vistage dismissed from the federal litigation, and the jury ultimately entered a judgment against the individual in his personal capacity.

Despite Vistage having been dismissed from the federal lawsuit, the plaintiff persists in noting the individual’s previous affiliation with Vistage and is continuing with online ads and LinkedIn messages that incorporate Vistage’s name and thereby imply Vistage’s involvement. From our perspective, it appears that these efforts are simply attempts to undermine Vistage’s reputation and to pressure Vistage to pay a judgment that may not otherwise be satisfied. Most importantly, Vistage will not yield to these bullying tactics. In fact, Vistage has already returned to court to protest the plaintiff’s actions and is adding these issues to the defamation lawsuit already filed against this litigious party.

The harm to our reputation nonetheless lingers — most poignantly online and in search engine results.”


To be clear, we are currently in State court against Vistage with a trial date of 4/26/19.  You can easily confirm this by going to the San Diego Superior Court Web Page.  Our case number is 2017-00035249.

You can find my exceesponse HERE.